Why Everyone Should Be Swing Trading

There are many different ways you can trade a market, regardless if you prefer stocks over FOREX or options over futures. Trading by its very nature is risky, you should consider spending sometime examining the styles of trading and discover which one is the best. Use swing trading to gain a true advantage over the market and other players.

Swing trading is the best form of trading for two reasons. The first being that you do not need to be glued to your monitor 24 hours a day watching and waiting for a suitable trade setup. Many people become obsessed with trading and watch their charts day in and day out. For the majority of traders, this results usually in a loss of time and a loss of money. There is no need to wait in front of your monitor all day just to place a trade. The benefit of swing trading is the freedom that it gives you away from the computer. Entering and exiting trades doesn’t mean you must be near your computer all day.

In addition to trading freedom, swing trading is extremely low risk. Swing traders see the big picture. They usually observe markets from the higher timeframes and can see major trends much more clearly. Trading low level timeframes is difficult as the trends come and go much faster. Such trends can be difficult to trade because they are so short. Swing traders can identify and trade in the direction of major trends which can last days, weeks, months or even years. By being able to trade in the direction of these major trends, returns on your investment are increased greatly while the chance of a loss is reduced significantly.

Each person has their own style of trading, but if you are looking to gain an edge over the markets, no matter the market you trade, then swing trading should be something you look at. Swing traders usually follow the smart money thanks to their preference of trading higher timeframes and only trading in the direction of the trend.


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